Company : RexMedia

Production Status : Pre-Production

Genre : Romantic Comedy

Release Date : 2017


Synopsis: After ten years of devoted research, Professor Sebastian needs only one final piece of the puzzle to confirm his discovery of a new star. Tonight he finally holds that piece close to his heart, a very rare astronomy book that will validate his work and realize a life-long dream.

At the train station, the professor is anxiously leafing through his precious book as the Express from Monte Carlo comes to an unscheduled stop. The moment turns to magic as we discover Mona; a divine appearance, a stunning beauty, draped in the most elegant Parisian fashion imaginable. Mona is being taken off the train for not having a ticket, money or any identification. The only contents of her tasseled silk handbag are a solid gold lighter, a tube of lipstick and a few casino chips. The Professor has forgotten his book and comes to the beauty’s rescue.

Will this romantic encounter survive the prejudice and intolerance of this tiny village? Will the arrogant Jack, the millionaire boyfriend Mona was running from, succeed in his persistent attempts to take her back?

As the stars gravitate silently on their eternal orbits these questions will be unveiled as we are pulled into a magic story of hope, dreams and the power of love.