Company : RexMedia

Production Status : Pre-Production

Release Date : 2017

Dance Diary

Synopsis: Modern life in the digital age is complicated. The stakes have never been fiercer—the desire to stand out in the crowd has never been higher. In this modern DANCE tale of COMPETITION stakes are sky high as 5 American girls are brought together for the challenge of their young lives. Each one is an unique and amazing talent, but as vulnerable freshman at the ELITE CLAREMONT ACADEMY, the girls are about to find out what they are truly made of.

The journey begins when JULIA, a talented and free-spirited MALIBU student, is sent to Claremont by her divorcing parents, who struggle with their own identities along the way and eventually learn from their precocious daughter. Arriving at Claremont, JULIA, a SOCIAL MEDIA addict, is recruited to join a clandestine SORORITY run by the school’s Bitch Queen, Megan. JULIA is savvy quickly becoming an inspiring and compassionate leader. She assembles a motley team of young international dancers to become one of the most unique and engaging talents the world has seen.

The students begin to learn life’s lessons and ultimately will bring down a corrupt banker who will stop at nothing to take down the school for his own ends. As the girls grow in confidence and learn from their mistakes, they begin to see what they’re made of, changing the yearly Nutcracker Ballet into an exciting, contemporary HIP HOP adaptation.

They recruit a once-famous South Central CHOREOGRAPHER, who has seen better days but is inspired, and inspires, the girls to go even further. As their school teeters on the brink of collapse, the girls seek the outside help of a group of vagabonds who were once shunned but are now instrumental in helping to win the Gold Cup COMPETITION. The girls are tested as they shed their differences and come together in the end, as a final Gold Cup Competition proves to hold the highest stakes imaginable—friendship, love, and the realization of what it means to truly learn from one another.

In keeping with recent successful dance films, the tone of DANCE DIARY is EDGY and HIP. DANCE DIARY is a contemporary some-what smug satire of boarding school’s SOCIAL STRATA and absentee wealthy parents. The story concentrates on the transformation and growth of the girls touching on familiar TEENAGE themes… first love, acceptance, jealousy
and self-esteem.